Paver Sealing and Paver Pressure Cleaning

Naples Paver Pressure Cleaning and Paver Sealing

Naples Pressure Washing, Paver Sealing company, Diveway sealing, Patio SealingAccurate Pavers offers Naples paver pressure cleaning, paver sealing, as well as paver restoration services. We have the knowledge and experience to get your outdoor spaces looking like your pavers were just installed. Accurate Pavers have developed maintenance and management programs for condo communities and larger housing developments when routine maintenance is expected. We work with homeowners associations throughout the Southwest Florida area.

Paver cleaning and Sealing companies, Naples Power Washing, Driveway, PatioDid you know that Accurate Pavers realized years ago that traditional paver sealing products breakdown and fall short against our relentless Florida sun. We also have to contend with the rainy season. From June to August we get record down-pours that can wash away traditional sealers.  Accurate Pavers worked for years in coming up with a private formula for sealing all forms of concrete, pavers, brick and stone. Our paver sealing products protect for many more years than traditional sealing products, and our proprietary sealers bring out the original color and contrast of your patio or driveway to look brand new again.

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Consider these facts when choosing the best company to seal your concrete or brick pavers:

  • We have formulated our own paver sealer that is made to hold up to the harsh Naples sun.
  • Our concrete and paver sealers last longer and require much less maintenance than traditional sealers.
  • When we apply our sealer to your driveway or brick patio, you will see the same or better color than new.
  • Our sealing product are formulated for the raining season. When developing a sealer made just for Southwest Florida, we added a strong mold and mildew resistant coating.


When Accurate Pavers seals your Pavers or Concrete, your driveway or patio will look brand new again and require much less maintenance over the years. Our formulated sealers will keep your pavers looking the best they can look.

When deciding to hire a company to seal your pavers, also consider these other areas to seal or clean:

  • Driveway paver cleaning and sealing
  • Walkway sealing and cleaning
  • Concrete pool deck sealing
  • Retaining brick wall sealing
  • Concrete paver sealing
  • Natural stone sealing
  • Pressure washing your home
  • Pressure washing your walkways
  • Pressure washing your patio
  • HOA pool deck maintenance
  • HOA service contracts

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Free on-site paver sealing estimates in Naples or throughout southwest Florida.

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Commercial paver sealing or paver pressure washing jobs, HOA’s or large volume restoration surfaces will be volume priced. Complete the below form for a consultation or paver sealing analysis or call us for an appointment.

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