Diagonal Bond

Accurate Pavers can take most any of these paver patterns and install them on a 45 degree angle. It is simply a matter of preference. When architects or builders specify the pattern that they want to use, they will say something like this: Herringbone Diagonal bond or three piece random diagonal bond. Diagonal is most always on a 45 degree angle. If another angle is requested, those specifics need to be communicated clearly to the sales staff.


Most any of these patterns can be installed in a 45 degree or diagonal. From herringbone to running bond, it is a matter of preference. You might think that it is more expensive to install the job on a diagonal, you would be wrong. Accurate Pavers charges the exact same to install a job at 90 degrees or 45 degrees. No matter how you look at the job, diagonal or not, it is still a matter of material, labor and square footage. Note: the image to the left would be specified as a Stacked diagonal bond.

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Services offered:

Paver stone restoration:

  • On site inspections
  • Restoration and replacement of damaged areas
  • Fill crack or flatten areas that are uneven
  • Replace entire sections with our expert die lot matching abilities
  • Expand existing areas to create a larger surface area.
  • Work with developers or HOA’s on commercial jobs


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