Slab – Precast Concrete Pavers

Precast concrete slabs offer a incredibility clean and modern look to any Naples beach home. The logistics involved in installing gigantic precast slabs is a task that Accurate Pavers in Bonita Springs has already figured out. It is a matter of having the right equipment. The cranes and suction platform tools are necessities in completing jobs that involve paver material too heavy for a team of workers to handle.



Accurate Pavers find that working with oversized pavers is challenging but also rewarding. Accurate Pavers are the go to paver company when there is a challenging job. The designers all know that they are going to get the job done and done right.  The best work that we have ever done is from the challenging work we do for some of the best architects in Naples Florida.  More and more estate homes are leaning for a very modern look to outdoor spaces. The precast pavers are an exiting product that truly takes an expert to attempt such installs. Accurate Pavers is eager to take on any assignment that may seem to be challenging. Anything can be done, it is just a matter of the right tools and experts to do the job.

Accurate Pavers are proud to partner with some of the industries best interlocking paver stone and concrete precast paver manufacturers:


Free on site estimates for your special oversized paver job or any exterior treatment.

Services offered:

Paver stone new installation to restoration:

  • On site inspections
  • Restoration and replacement of damaged areas
  • Fill crack or flatten areas that are uneven
  • Replace entire sections with our expert die lot matching abilities
  • Expand existing areas to create a larger surface area.
  • Work with developers or HOA’s on commercial jobs


Commercial or large volume paver jobs are volume priced. Please complete the below form for a consultation or restoration analysis.

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