Accurate Pavers Specializes in Paver Repair and Restorations

Paver Repair Company | Accurate Pavers | Naples paver maintenancePavers are so durable and tough that they even outlast the environment that they are placed in. Erosion and environmental changes require routine maintenance. We see areas that sink from water erosion. Heavy trucks can push pavers out of alignment and tree roots can alter the once flat surface. Accurate Pavers are very fare to customers that require maintenance. We work with home owner associations in bringing their pool or garden pavers back to their original glory. We take pride in making a job just as beautiful as it once was.

Call Accurate Pavers to assess any restoration job. We will be happy to attend a HOA meeting to talk about our services. We can work  out a maintenance program for communities that require yearly maintenance. Fill out the below form to take the first step in getting things repaired.


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Free on-site estimates in Naples or throughout southwest Florida, call us today.    


Commercial new jobs, HOA’s or large volume restoration surfaces will be volume priced. Complete the below form for a consultation or restoration analysis or call us for an appointment.

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