Retaining Walls and Columns

Naples Concrete Block Retaining Walls and Columns

When a pool is built on a natural slope or on soft ground or if there is little space between easements, a retaining wall may be your only option. Whether you live in Naples, Fort Myers, or Bonita Springs, you are probably familiar with zero lot line homes. These are homes built so close to your neighbor that there is only an easement between each house. In that case, a stem wall or retaining wall is one of your only options.

Pavers that create retaining walls work to solve many issues including providing support to keep soil that is at varying levels in place, helping prevent flooding, sink holes and erosion. Besides many landscaping issues, paved retaining walls also help eliminate the eyesore of dirt piles and hills that create an unusable space.

In addition to helping solve many environmental and aesthetic issues, a Naples concrete block retaining wall can also add a beautiful landscaping detail to your outdoor area. Accurate pavers' retaining wall builders in Naples, FL and retaining wall contractors in Fort Myers can help you choose the style and coloring that creates your unique design for your wall.

Concrete block retaining wall contractors can also be used for other purposes such as incorporating an outdoor kitchen and building a custom counter. Now you can enjoy having the perfect entertainment area outdoors that complements your taste and style.

Whether you live in Naples, Fort Myers or Marco Island, you are probably familiar with zero lot line homes.

No matter what your reason for getting a retaining wall with pavers, you can find countless options and find everything you need with us. Call today to get a price for a concrete block retaining wall or come visit our outdoor showroom to get started.

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