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Paver Pattern – Running Bond

Bricks are butted end to end with joints that fall in the middle of the brick on the next row. One of the sturdiest and easiest patterns to install, running bond only requires minimal cutting at each end and will easily follow a gentle curve.Running Bond pavers are one of the most durable and sturdy patterns you could use, which provides longevity for your investment.

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Paver Patterns – Stacked Bond Paver Layout

The simplest of paver patterns, the stacked bond looks like a spreadsheet document. It has horizontally-placed rows one on top of the next with no staggered joints.Any paver material can be installed in a stacked bond format. This time tested traditional pattern goes way back to the beginning of time. From our historical past to the most current time, a stacked bond paver pattern can still look extremely modern and clean in most any application.

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Paver Patterns – Diagonal Bond

Accurate Pavers can take most any of these paver patterns and install them on a 45 degree angle. It is simply a matter of preference. When architects or builders specify the pattern that they want to use, they will say something like this: Herringbone Diagonal bond or three piece random diagonal bond. Diagonal is most always on a 45 degree angle. If another angle is requested, those specifics need to be communicated clearly to the sales staff.

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Paver Travertine Materials

Travertine interlocking pavers are very popular in most highend Naples homes. The large pallet of colors and textures can complement most any home exterior. If properly sealed and cared for, this stone will last generations. Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine pavers often has a fibrous or…
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